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History of what came before

Before Written History
After a brotherly dispute the deva Veldriuss is exiled.
The adapans are largely wiped out by the yugtuhul, a cthuhlu-like race, after inadvertently attracting their attention. The Last and the remaining Benedara (Adapan Mage-Priests) vow to rid the universe of the yugtuhul, and use Draconic and Djinn magiks to transfer their own souls into Ochelum (Soul-Prisons).

The War of Destiny
Retz was born towards the end of the War of destiny and was the scout that found the dragons new home world tat they evacuated to through the dream realm to that new home world.

10000 BC
A civilization led by The Last attacks a small tribe in which Veldriuss is a member.

5000 BC
The Last conquers a small portion of the moon, and creates Chaern’Yethka his fortress of glass.

4500 BC
According to Sumerian myth, a great flood over took the area around this time. Nefertiri (Hathor (Marshall Chloe Kalai)) is created in the city of Eridu . She follows her human master across the Fertile Crescent after he is exiled by the Followers of the Flame.

3000 BC
The Horseman of the Apoclypse rode across the land. Death (Veldriuss), War (Shamis), Famine (The Last), Pestilence (Nepheterie).
Retz sets up shop in Assyria and becomes the God Ashur and tries his hand at conquering
Nefertiri is chased into Egypt and after a fatal confrontation left in the custody of Bast.

2999 BC
Veldriuss begins to be worshiped as Dionysus, Bacchus, and Osiris.

2611 BC
The earliest appearance of Sekhmet. Unbeknownst to Hathor, she’s been leading a double life. Her alter ego has been animating a male body and has assumed the kingship as Sekhemket.

2610 BC
Nefertiri is presented as a gift to Imhotep.

2620 BC
Imhotep’s wife, Sekhmet / Hathor (Nephaterie), goes on a killing sphere in Egypt. Sekhmet / Hathor is imprisoned by Imhotep. After being sedated by Imhotep, she is imprisoned in The Unfinished Pyramid for approximately 400 years. After a few escape attempts, The Last is brought in for a memory wipe.

2200 BC
Sargon of Akkad (The Last) conquers several city states before his untimely death.

2067 BC
Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed, the historical (biblical) account only being slightly inaccurate. Lot ’s (second) wife (Nefertiri) leaves her body temporarily to feed in the destruction thus giving the illusion that she became a pillar of salt (which that body was made of).

1985-1956 BC
Amenemhet I (Imhotep) ruled over egypt.

1980-1530 BC
Nefertiri joins forces with Shiva and assumes the roles of Parvati / Kali in India .

1472 BC
Assyria was annexed by another another country and after the battle Retz was forced into hibernation until 1123.

1194-1184 BC
Battle of Troy – Odysseus (The Last), Paris (Veldriuss), Agamennon (Zeus)

1123-221 BC
The Zhou Dynasty in China – all emperors starting with Wu Wang is Ritz
Battle of Thermopylae – Veldriuss convinced the Persians to attack the Greeks. The Last is helping the Greeks. Confucius (Imhotep) secretly supplies the Persians with weapons.
The unfortunate time travel incident in Persia: Nizam (The Last)

356-323 BC
Alexander the Great (Veldriuss’s Son) conquers most of the known world , Hephaistion (The Last), Plato (Imhotep), Socrates (Ritz)

200 BC – 800 AD
Retz hibernates when he awakens he goes to denmark and the Vikings becoming their god of the northern wind

83-30 BC
Julius Caesar (Zeus), Mark Anthony (Veldriuss), Brutus (The Last)

30 AD
Judas (Veldriuss), Heron (Imhotep)

450 AD
Beowulf Story – Ahmed (Veldriuss), Oracle (The Last)

850-880 AD
Age of King Arthur – Merlin (Veldriuss)
Sir Kay (Cai) – First knight of the round table and Arthur’s foster brother.
Retz’s Vikings loose to Arthur and are forced into treaty where they get northern England,.also Retz helps the vikings raid Russia and sets up the basis for the Russian empire.

1096-1114 AD
Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd. (Cai) embarks on the First Crusade in the force commanded by Robert II, Duke of Normandy. After the victorious end to the Crusade, he lived for several years in Syria and the Holy Land, earning a living as a sailor. He returned to England around 1114. Cadfael became a man at arms (foot soldier) in the war waged by Henry I of England to secure the union with Normandy. Later foot solder for local lord.

1129 AD
Veldriuss and The Last form the Knights Templar.
Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd. (Cai) joins Benedictine order.

1170 AD
Baldwin IV of Jerusalem (The Last), Balian de Ibelin (Veldriuss)
Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd. (Cai) dies according to abbey records

1213 AD
Cadfael ap Meilyr ap Dafydd. (Cai) actually leaves the abbey.

1337- 1367 AD
War with in European Revenants and Vampire Night Courts concerning demonic packs within the sociality lead to the Black Death. The plague was a side effect of the war and not the true cause of so many deaths. Philip Caifeil (Cai) among the revenants sent into battle against the demon tainted. Several other same outbreaks happened over the rest of the century some legitimate plagues some cults being wipe out.

1478 AD
Retz is taken over by the amulet called the Heart of Darkness and begins the Spanish Inquisition which leads him down to South America on a search for gold and a corrupt people in

1518 AD
The South America Incident – The Last and Ritz try to summon Cthulhu to kill his great enemy. He is stopped by Veldriuss.
Possibly this is when Retz became corrupted.
The Last in his new body of Cortes, then led an expedition that caused the fall of the Aztec Empire, and the deaths of pretty much everyone involved..

1522-1565 AD
Casimero Nadal (Cai) Merchant captain and privateer helped relocate and then joined the Knights Hospitaller (Aka Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem of Rhodes and of Malta, Knights of Malta, Knights of Rhodes, and Chevaliers of Malta) He was reported killed during the Great Seize of Malta 1565.

1585 AD
Retz reappears as Sir Walter Raleigh and founds the Roanoke Colony in North Carolina that “mysteriously” I.E amulet sacrifices the whole colony and the near by indian village. Battle ensues with the Last and company and Retz hibernates.

1650 AD
Retz shows up as Pascal Blaise and invents the calculator and tries to invent a perpetual motion machine and ends up inventing Roulette (much more useful in his opinion)

1700 – 1780 AD
Nefertiri spends 80 years in Bangladesh attempting to revive Kali worship.

1775-1783 AD
American Revolution – Benjamin Franklin (Imhotep)

1800 AD
Retz is James Watt and invents a useful Steam Engine for trains and ships

1861-1865 AD
Civil War – Grant (Veldriuss), Stonewall Jackson (The Last), Tesla (Imhotep), Southern Banker (Ritz), – Pinkerton (Cai) Head of Union Intelligence Service

1892 AD
During a competing stage magic performances, Veldriuss uses a cloning machine built by Tesla (Imhotep) to put a fast one over The Last. Thomas Edison (Ritz).

1904- 1916 AD
Rasputin (Veldriuss), guy who castrated Rasputin (The Last)

World War II – Mengele (Ritz), Oppenheimer (Imhotep), Patton (The Last), Rommel (Veldriuss)
Dashiel Hammett (Cai) – Newspaper reporter for US army
At the end of WWII, Veldriuss, The Last, Nephaterie, and Arial tried to perform a ritual was supposed to remove the Heart of Darkness entirely but the ritual was destroyed when Ritz sneezed (the sneezed heard around the world). It only put the amulet to sleep once more but the caster’s souls were bound during the ritual.

Veldriuss helps to build up Hollywood and Las Legas using mob money.

John McKay (Cai)- publisher English publishing company “suggests” Cadfael mysteries for publishing.

Bill Gates (Ritz),
Steve Jobs (Imhotep),
Hollywood Producer Alen Smithee (Veldriuss),
Jake Terrell/ Ex-mobster (The Last),
C. A. McKay (Cai) headhunter for various publishing company specializing in detective and fantasy genre. Offices in London, New York, Chicago, and LA.
US Marshall Chloe Kalai (Nefertiri)



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