Heart of Darkness


A dark red gem the size of a fist, set in an amulet. It is linked to Cthulhu and corrupts any who wear it.


The original host to Heart of Darkness was a Cthulhu beasts. Retz decided to take on the beast by himself and managed to destroy the host, the hosts last act was to fling the amulet into his gaping maw, while the Electricity breath killed the host and damaged the amulet the amulet merged into the Retz body. His Corrosive blood keeps a constant flow of damage into the amulet but just enough to keep it from regaining full health and completely taking him

Over the years Ritz has lost control over the amulet causing events like the Spanish Inquisition, the fall of the Aztec Empire, Roanoke Colony.

During WWII the amulet took over again and Ritz did great evil as Mengele. At the end of WWII, Veldriuss, The Last, Nephaterie, and Arial tried to perform a ritual was supposed to remove the amulet entirely but the ritual was destroyed when Ritz sneezed. It only put the amulet to sleep
once more but the caster’s souls were bound during the ritual. If its completed before the item is destroyed then the souls are destroyed to power the ritual.

Currently the Heart of Darkness is asleep.

Heart of Darkness

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